Course Description

In Vipassana Retreats we develop continous mindfulness through sitting meditation, walking meditation and in all daily activities . The retreats are conducted in noble silence, except of dhamma talks, group- and personal interwievs. The simple schedule of alternating sitting and walking meditation, from morning to evening, contributes to the development and deepening of meditative experience. Once a day progressive meditation instructions will be given.


A guided Metta/Loving Kindness meditation helps to open the heart and to learn to relate more friendly to oneself and others. Important part are the personal conversations with the teacher, which allow individual instructions and explanations taking account of the personal experience of each participant.   Some courses may include mindful yoga exercises, once or twice a day . One hour of working meditation per day, such as cleaning, gardening or washing the dishes will be part of the course. The retreats are suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike.



The costs for the retreat usually do not include the payment for the teachers. This goes in line with the buddhist tradition, which says, the value of the teaching cannot be evaluated by way of money. However, Giving and Generosity (Dana) are active aspects of spiritual practice, they help to support the teachers and to make the teachings accessible to everyone.